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A 35mm mystery solved

24th Jan 2018

Our 35mm projector helped solve a cinematic mystery for one of our customers this month, who years ago purchased a small, unlabelled, dinner plate sized reel of 35mm film for one Euro whilst on holiday in the southwest of France. 

Realising we had a working projector, Neil Onions - who often visited The Electric as a child - contacted us and asked if he could play the reel to find out what was on it. After lacing up the print, we discovered that the small battered cosmetics box in which the reel was kept housed a dubbed colour copy of the 1940 Disney Mickey Mouse short Tugboat Mickey.

It's a rare find, especially in such fantastic condition, and very likely played here at the cinema back when the venue played newsreels and cartoons (albeit in English).


A 35mm mystery solved
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