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A Muppet Wedding

4th Aug 2017

Whenever we hold a wedding here at The Electric, the happy couple always provide some kind of pop culture theme to make it suitably unique.

When Alison Franks and Rob Chapman tied the knot here on Saturday 29th July, their wedding came with a suitably cinematic Muppet theme, featuring a series of specially designed posters editing Jim Henson's Muppets into classic movie posters, put together by artist Dayle-Doni Latchford.

Posters of Reservoir Frogs (pictured), Dial M For Meep, Gonzo With The Wind, Cat On A Hot Tin Rowlf and The Unusual Suspects were emblazoned in our foyer and outside the cinema, giving the perfect muppet-y twist to another fantastic day.

A Muppet Wedding
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